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Effective Management of Flooding In Nigeria (a Study Of Selected Communities In Anambra State)

Dr. Mrs. Ezezue Bernadine Oluchi: Dept of Business Mgt, Ebonyi state University, abakaliki Ebonyi state nigeria. Email:

Dr. Mrs Agha Nancy Chinwe: Dept of Business Mgt, Ebonyi state university, abakaliki Ebonyi state nigeria.

Mr. Ndieze James: Dept of Business Mgt, Ebonyi state university, abakaliki Ebonyi state nigeria.

Rachel Serieke Dickson, PhD: Dept of Business Admin, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Amassoma Bayelsa State


The he paper x-rayed the importance of effective management of flood in Nigeria with particular reference to some selected communities in Anambra State (Aguleri and Umuleri). The paper tries to determine the extent to which building of dams across the river channels could help in the effective management of flooding in Anambra State, examine the extent to which construction of wing dykes could help in the effective management of flood, the paper also evaluates if afforestation could bring about improvement in the management of flood in Anambra State. The study adopted a survey design; questionnaire method of collection of data from residents of the studied communities was employed. The population of the study was 1,832,000 and sample size was 400 which was determined using Taro Yameni formula. The study found that there was no proper management of flood in the studied communities. The communities were not use to the proactive measures of flood management, hence they waited for the commencement of flooding and their possible evacuation to camps at the upland or at other parts of the state where flooding was not endemic. The paper recommended that proper management of flooding should be put in place by the affected state and local governments. Measures like: building of dams across river channels, wing dykes, diversion spill ways, trees and afforestation should be undertaken. Again, government should embark on immediate reconstruction of damaged bridges and other hydraulic structures in flood ravaged areas in order to prevent recurrent flooding of such areas.
Key words: Management of Flooding, Dams, Communities, Anambra State

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