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Interrogating the Nexus between Training and Development and Organisational Performance in Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

1 Joseph Teryima Sev, 2 Emakwu John: Department of Business Management Benue State University, Makurdi Email:, Phone: +2348165306261, +2348127541004, +2348065967031


This research paper critically analyses Training and Development Strategies; as approaches for performance enhancement in goal oriented firms with a focus on Twenty-one commercial banking firms in Nigeria. The study adopted simple empirical survey method or quasi-experimental method which places premium on survey of sample. Both primary and secondary sources of data collection were utilized in a bid to attain the necessary result. Five point Likert rating scale questionnaire were used in obtaining the opinions and views from respondents. The sample size for the study was 398 derived from the employee population of 21 commercial banking firms totaled of 64, 846 as at January, 2017. This was determined using Taro-Yamane's formulae. Bartlett's test of Sphericity and Kaiser-Meyer Oikin measure of sampling adequacy, construct validity test determination and Cronbach Alpha for reliability test determination was applied in this study. Bowley's Allocation formula was applied in determining the individual commercial banking firms sample size. Multiple Regression test was used in processing the three (3) formulated hypotheses. The study findings revealed among others that Training and Development Strategies adopted by commercial banking firms in Nigeria for employees have positive relationship on productivity of the banking firms.. The study recommendations are that, executive management of the commercial banking firms in Nigeria should also ensure that operational analysis, organizational analysis, individual analysis is periodically carried out to determine training and development needs in areas of skills inadequacy, knowledge gap, attitude and behavioral aspects to warrant proper Training and Development.

Key words: Training, Development, Strategies, Performance Enhancement, Goal Oriented Firms

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