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Promoting Rural Livelihood through Cooperative Society in Lagos State: A Study of Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative Societies in Ojo L.G.A of Lagos State Nigeria

1Lawal Kamaldeen, A., 2Taiwo Abdulahi Olabisi, 3Katagum, Bilkisu: 1&3Department of Entrepreneurial Studies National Open University, Lagos State, Nigeria

2Department of Cooperative Economics & Management Nnamd Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra State of Nigeria


A livelihood is a set of economic activities which enables a person to meet their individual and household requirements. So as a bid to promote livelihood especially the rural livelihood, the study evaluate the roles of agricultural cooperative societies towards the promotion of rural livelihood in Lagos State of Nigeria. A sample size of 236 respondents was determined through non random sampling technique (purposive) from 12 registered multipurpose cooperative societies in the study area. Data gotten from the 236 respondents were analysed and findings from the result revealed that, there is strong evidence that cooperative economic activities promotes the rural livelihood of its members. Meanwhile, these cooperatives are been challenged with some limitations that hindered their optimum capacity in promoting livelihood. As such, the study recommends that the cooperative should diversify their investments and integrate more practicable economic activities that are capable of promoting rural livelihood. As result of this poverty within the rural communities could be alleviate.

Key words: rural livelihood, cooperative society, Lagos state, farmer's multipurpose cooperative societies.

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