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 Benue State University, Makurdi

Counceling Unit

Counseling is a very essential service in the University Community. Since the University is made up of various categories of people who come to acquire knowledge in different areas of their interest, students experience numerous problems which need to be resolved. These problems are categorized as follows:

* Academic and study problems
* Personal – social problems
* Vocational problems
* Family, Marital and sex problem
* Financial problems
* Adjustment problems
* Emotional problems and
* Religious problems

Through counseling the individual students is helped to resolve his or her problem by the counselor who renders special service in the guidance programme. During a counseling session with a student who is faced with a problem the counselor usually demonstrates genuine respect for the worth and dignity of such an individual. The counselor reposes complete confidentiality in the clients. She is also generally interested in the clients and empathizes with the individual so that they will discuss their problems without holding back anything.

Through counseling the individual student is helped to achieve personal freedom, confidence in themselves and a healthy self image. The counseling Unit was established in the 1994/1995 session.

Since the establishment of the Unit, students come more for academic and personal social problems, and in most cases accommodation is the most teething problem. The other problems which the Counseling Unit encountered frequently include financial problem, change of course, marriage and courtship problems registration problems, day dreaming, sleeplessness and health problems.

It is worthy of note that there is need for funds to be provided for the poor students in the form of loans as the need occurs. At present, the counselor makes referrals of students to the Good Shepherded Chaplaincy BSU campus that renders funds to needy students (Akosu, 2002).

However, the University authority has constantly advised that the success of Security on campus lies with vigilance on the part of both students and staff. This means that only when staff and students are conscious of the security implications of their acts and actions will there be a benefiting and conducive environment for learning and research.

To effectively curb cultism in BSU, the authorities have initiated an inter campus Security Committee with the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi. Here issues of common security interests are discussed and information exchanged. This has proved to be a very rewarding project in the handling of students discipline in the University.