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 Benue State University, Makurdi

Centre for Counselling and Human Development

The Centre for Counselling and Human Development (CCHD) was established on the 6th of February, 2013 in line with the educational reforms by the National Universities Commission (NUC). The decision for the establishment of the Centre was informed by the need for the actualization of the aims of education through proper counselling of the stakeholders which include students, teachers, parents, National Universities Commission, and the university community.

The Centre is to provide competence for her students in all disciplines to acquire skills of creativity, innovation and to facilitate intellectual, physical, emotional and social health of the undergraduate/graduate students, faculty and staff of the Benue State University.

Our mission is to be a comprehensive support Centre committed to providing quality, integrated, accessible knowledge and skills that would holistically counsel and assist all level of students while providing a campus environment that supports and values the unique contributions of all individuals.

In line with the vision and mission of the Benue State University, the Centre is designed to achieve the following objectives.

  1. Provision of counselling services to students, staff and the entire university community.
  2. Identification of students’ innate abilities and development of their capabilities, potentials and talents.
  3. Assisting students and staff to effectively adjust to educational and institutional challenges
  4. Promotion of effective interpersonal relationships.
  5. Development of sound character, values and morals.
  6. Acquisition of necessary skills required for academic excellence and healthy living.
  7. Assisting students to explore career opportunities, gain career-related experiences and acquire basic vocational skills.

The Benue State University CCHD provides the following Guidance and Counselling Services:

  1. Educational/Academic Counselling and orientation of new staff and students
  2. Personal-Social Counselling
  3. Career/Vocational Guidance and Counselling
  4. Marriage and Family Counselling
  5. Health Counselling
  6. Research and Other Related Activities


This involves:

  1. Registration procedures, choice of courses and requirements for graduation of each course.
  2. Issues involving probation, spillover, withdrawal and change of courses.
  3. Use of library for effective study habits and hints on acquiring examination skills
  4. Dissemination of information on postgraduate programmes and scholarship awards.
  5. Effective ways of coping with academic challenges
  6. Orientation services for new staff and students


This involves:

  1. Assisting students to adjust to the University environment through orientation service
  2. Managing interpersonal relationships (conflicts between course mates, room-mates, friends)
  3. Building social skills (modeling, assertiveness, mentoring, decision making process
  4. Fostering good morals, values, discipline and responsible behaviour
  5. Management of human and material resources (time, energy, facilities and finance)
  6. Managing examination phobia, stress, depression and suicidal tendencies
  7. Managing cases of drug and alcohol addiction
  8. Managing emotional problems
  9. Handling other personal-social issues


This involves:

  1. Providing career guidance on job opportunities and challenges
  2. Providing guidance on job search and job retention strategies
  3. Creating, promoting and developing training activities that would improve the employability of the graduates
  4. Preparing students for self-employment
  5. Collaborating with industries and companies in giving career talks to graduating students


This involves:

  1. Counselling on sexual harassment, rape, incest, sexual dysfunctions, pre-marital sex etc
  2. Choice of partners, courtship and preparation for marriage
  3. Handling pre-marital and marital conflicts
  4. Managing family resources
  5. Communication in marriage
  6. Marital adjustment and satisfaction


This involves

  1. Prevention and control of diseases (HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases etc.)
  2. Personal hygiene and up keep
  3. Referral to medical facilities


CCHD offers services on:

  1. Organization of relevant seminars, workshops and conferences.
  2. Collection and dissemination of guidance information.
  3. Design and publication of guidance materials – pamphlets, posters, handbills, jingles etc.


  1. Orientation of new students (National and International Students): The Centre assists new students to adjust to the Benue State University Community and environment.
  2. Seminars and workshops are organized to cover all the areas of the programmes/activities earlier stated.
  3. Practicum for guidance and counselling students: The Centre provides opportunities to counsellors-in-training to acquire practical skills and knowledge in counselling.
  4. Study Clinic: The clinic addresses student’s challenges in the areas of study habits and academic performance.
  5. Financial Management: Counselling on financial management is offered to students and staff in order to promote prudent management of resources.
  6. Retirement Planning and Counselling: Retirement planning and counselling is offered to the staff that are in the last quarter of their service years. This is to help them adjust effectively on retirement
  7. Group Counselling: This consists of a small number of people not more than ten. It offers a unique opportunity for clients to join a small group of people who shares common concerns
  8. Testing/Appraisal Services: The Centre, through the use of some psychological tests appraise clients’ problem areas, aptitudes, and interests.

Counselling Ethics
The Benue State University Centre for Counselling and Human Development (BSUCCHD) strictly operates under confidentiality. Information provided by clients is kept secret and not to be revealed to anyone without the client’s permission.

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