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 Benue State University, Makurdi

Maintenance Services Unit

Brief History of Maintenance Unit

Maintenance Services Unit started off at the advent of Benue State University. During this time the unit operated as an ad-hoc arrangement where technicians, artisans and labourers were contracted to carry sundry maintenance tasks. These were cleaning (internal and external), painting of buildings, grass cuttings, trees planting and minor renovations. Mr. P. K. Sende was the foreman/leader of this group. This maintenance crew was overseen by Dr. Zasha who was a sociology lecturer.
Since the inception of the University, the following have headed the unit: -

1 Engr. Daniel Iorbo - (Head of Maintenance)  - 1992 – 1993
2 Mr. Aaron Akor - (Coordinator) - 1993 – 2000
3 Mr. Boniface K. Nande - (Coordinator) - 2000 – 2003
4 Mr. Godwin Alumunku   - (Coordinator)  - 2003 – 2007
5 Engr. Iangba Kapu - (Head of Maintenance) - 2007 – 2009
6 Arch. Phillip Tachia Nambe - (Coordinator)  - 2009 – 2012
7 Dr. Daniel M. Tiough   - (Coordinator)  - June 2012 – date

Mission of Maintenance Services Unit
The main mission of the Maintenance Service Unit is to ensure the serviceability and functionality of all University facilities including, infrastructure, utilities, equipment and machines, roads and general cleanliness of the premises.

Functions of Maintenance Service Unit
The main function of the Maintenance Service Unit is to ensure that all University facilities and services are functional and serviceable. It has the following responsibilities:

  1. Advice the Vice Chancellor on the maintenance requirements of the University, include planned, preventive and predictive maintenance of infrastructure and services.
  2. Renovate and repair all damaged and dysfunctional buildings (staff quarters, offices, lecture halls, hostels etc).
  3. Ensure for steady supply of water to staff and students, and repairs all plumbing faults.
  4. Repair all electrical faults in office, lecture halls, hostels, staff quarters and ensures for steady supply of electricity to all.
  5. Service all University generators.
  6. Maintain the cleanliness of the environment.
  7. Respond to issues of fire incidences.
  8. Ensure for comfortable atmosphere conducive for teaching and learning.
  9. Maintain staff discipline.
  10. Repair/rehabilitate all roads and streets on campus.
  11. Retrain staff for better effectiveness.

Office Location
The Maintenance Services Unit office block is directly located behind the main female hostel at the western wing of the campus. It is situated between the female hostel and the students market at the western wing of the University. The block was renovated and extended in 2013. The unit needs workshops. We also need an office block at the eastern wing.


The Maintenance Services Unit is presently headed by the Coordinator, Dr. Daniel Momngu Tiough, who took over the headship of the unit in June 2012. The unit is under staffed and needs more staff for more effective performance. The unit however has the following staff at present.

The current staff Disposition of the Unit is as follows:

S/No Name Qualification Designation Schedule
1 Engr. Iangba E. Kapu B.Sc (Building), M.Sc, MNIOB, CORBON Coordinator Direct, Coordinate and Supervise all Maintenance activities of the University.
2 Andza A. Andrew B. Eng. (Electrical), PGD, COREN Deputy Coordinator Assist the Coordinator in the coordination and supervision of all maintenance activities in the University
3 David Pever OND, HND (Mechanical) P. T. O. Head of Section, Water Works & Power Plants
4 Jato D. Solomon OND, HND (Electrical), COREN S. T. O. Maintenance Officer, Eastern Wing
5 Engr. O. Agbese B.Sc. (Building), WASC, FSLC S. T. O. Head of Building
6 Piraikyaa Benjamin ANTC, NTC, TT I,II &III, FSLC H. T. O. Head of Electrical works, Eastern wing
7 Onoja Augustine ANTC, NTC, Fed. Labour Trade Test I, FLSC H. T. O. Electrical Technician, Eastern wing
8 Amem Jonathan ANTC, NTC, LABORUR TRADE TEST, FED.CRAFT CERT, FLSC H. T. O. Head, Cluster B, Western Wing
9 Samuel A. Bagena WAEC (Tech), Fed. Craft Trade Test I H. T. O. Head of Carpentry
10 John S. Sombu NECO, Labour Trade Test I, FLSC T. O. Head of Plumbing
11 Atser Vitalis Diploma Renewable Energies IPSJ, Dip. Climatization-XABEC, Dip. Electricity, Cert. Industrial Automation T. O. Head, HVAC/Solar
12 James Kaan N.T.C, Trade Test I, FLSC T. O. Carpenter
13 Isaiah Hyambe A.N.T.C, N.T.C, Federal Labour Trade Test I, II&III FSLC T. O. Carpenter
14 Aburabul Daniel FSLC, Federal Labour Trade Test I, COREN A. T. O. Electrician, Eastern Wing
15 Obande Benjamin C&G, N.T.C., Trade Test I, II and III A. T. O. Electrician, Cluster B, Western Wing
16 Naomi Ademu Craft Certificate in Electrical Engineering, Advanced National Technical Certificate, FLSC A. T. O. Store/Diesel Dispenser
17 Ver Iorjaa NTC, FTTC, FLSC A. T. O. Plumber
18 Paul Wua GCE, NTC, FSLC, Trade Test I A. T. O. Plumber
19 Alexis Igbayima Ityav WAEC, NECO, Trade Test 1, FSLC A. T. O. Electrician, Western Wing
20 Benjamin Joseph FSLC, Trade Test 1, II and III, C&G A. T. O. Contract Water Treatment Plant, Western Wing
21 Ogwuche Peter Trade Test I, II&III, FSLC S. T. A. Electrical Assistant, Eastern Wing
22 Andrew Iyev NTC, Trade Test II S. T. A. Gen. Operator/Electrician, Eastern Wing
23 Emmanuel Nyior FSLC, SSCE, NCE S. T. A. Plumbing Assistant
24 Emmanuel Akpagher FLSC, Fed. Trade Test, Certificate in Safety Training, Diploma Certificate S. T. A. Gen. Operator/Electrician, Western Campus
25 Messiah Anatsor FSLC, JSCE, FTT III, TT II, TT I T. A. Electrician, Eastern wing  
26 Simon Dangi Trade Test, FSLC T. A. Painter
27 Peter Yina FLSC, NTC T. A. Electrical Assistant, Western wing
28 Francis Udam FSLC, WAEC, Fabrication Engineering T. A. Water Treatment Plant, Western wing
29 Peter Terkula Tyoumbur FSLC, Trade Test III, Federal Craft Training Certificate, NBTEB T. A. Electrician, Western wing
30 Aondona Adzua Craft Training Certificate, FSLC, Grade II&III Certificate T. A. Gen. Operator, Western wing
31 Mr. Terfa Nenger FSLC, SSCE, Trade Test III, Trade Test II T. A. Mason
32 Denen Iorchir FSLC, GCE, Trade Test II&III, Trade Test I T. A. Plumbing Assistant
33 Msugh Sende NECO, Labour Trade Test I, FSLC T. A. Carpentry Assistant
34 Emmanuel Kwaghver FSLC, WAEC, FTT I T. A. Gen. Operator (Chem.) Western wing
35 Nathaniel Yongu Aa SSCE, FSLC Head Garder Head of Section, BSU Gardens 
36 Edward Gwebe FSLC, JSCE, SSCE Senior Gardener BSU, Gardens