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Department of Educational Foundation

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This online facility contains the basic information about the programmes and the operation of the department of Educational Foundations. The information is intended to guide you especially in your academic work throughout your period of study in the university.

It is hoped that you will acquaint yourselves with the rules and regulation governing the department's programmes and operations. You are strongly advised to make Constance reference to the handbook so as to familiarize yourselves with the provisions therein, for your own good.

The department of Educational Foundation wishes you success in your academic career.


Brief History of the Department

The Department of Educational Foundations is one of the three departments in the Faculty of educational Benue State University, Makurdi. The other two are Curriculum and Teaching and Vocational and Technical Education. The Department of educational Foundations started in the Faculty of education in 2000.


Personnel Administration
The Department is administered by the Head of Department with the support of Academic and Non-Academic staff in the Department. The Non-Academic staff is made up of one Typist, Computer Operator, a Clerical Assistant and a Caretaker. The Academic Staff also help with the demonstrative responsibilities as assigned or delegated to them.

How staff involved in the decision making process and in general
Staff are involved in the decision making process and in general administration by participating in departmental meetings which are supposed to be held on a monthly basis. They are also involved through the role they play when assigned responsibilities
philosophy and objectives

The general philosophy and objectives of the Department of Educational Foundations are:

1. To produce knowledgeable and professionally competent graduate teachers of Physical and Health Education, Social Studies, English, Mathematics and Sciences for Primary; Secondary Schools and Teachers Colleges.

2. To produce professionally competent Sport Coaches, Administrators and organizers for colleges, institutes, Polytechnics, Universities, Armed Forces, Para-Military, State and Federal Ministers of Education, Educational Resource centre, State Sports Councils and National Sports Commission (this particularly applies to the PHE programme).

3. To produce future scholars, researchers and lecturers for Colleges of Education, National Institute for sports and Universities. (This particularly applies to the PHE programme)

4. Provide training that will equip teachers of children with adequate knowledge, skills attitudes, values and competence that are relevant to the needs of the society.

5. Expose learner top appreciate Pre-Primary/Primary Education teaching methods, improvisation of basic teaching aids and the psychology of teaching at this level.

6. Providing opportunities to examine some philosophical theories on the nature and needs of the child and its application in relation to educational theory and practice in Nigeria

7. Provide sound background for the organization of Nursery/Primary education with particular reference to Nigeria.

8. Ensure that learners are equipped with a solid foundation that is required to adequately exhibit and demonstrate academic competence and professional skills necessary for teaching children.

9. Developing in students a holistic attitude to teaching/learning by integrating knowledge and avoiding compartmentalization of ideas at this level.

10. Providing learners with basic academic and professional tools required to:

11. Demonstrate the competence needed to adequately teach Nursery/Primary school children

12. Assume administration responsibilities as a Nursery/Primary school head teacher of proprietor.

Academic Programs (Degree)

The department of Educational Foundation is made up of the following:

1. B.Sc. (Ed) Physical and Health Education
2. Pre-Primary/Primary Education, which comprise of the following:
3• Pre-Primary/Primary Education - Social Studies
4• Pre-Primary/Primary Education - English
5• Pre-Primary/Primary Education - Mathematics
6• Pre-Primary/Primary Education - Sciences

The Department of Education offers undergraduate Degree in the above mentioned fields. In order to ensure professional and academic competence, the degree programmes have been planned in such a way that two third of the courses required for graduation are taken from the candidates teaching subject Faculty and one third from the Faculty of Education.

Admission Requirements

University Matriculation Examination (UME) applicants:

1. SSCE/GCE O'level credit pass in Five subjects including English Language and at least a pass in Mathematics
2. Grade II Teachers Certificate with credit/merit passes in five subjects including English Language and at least a pass in Mathematics.
3. An acceptable pass in relevant subject in the UME
4. Candidate must be mentally balanced and emotionally stable.

Direct Entry Applicants:

1. Two GCE A' Level passes or equivalent in relevant subjects with three credit passes in SSCE/GCE O'level at not more than two sittings and at least a pass in Mathematics.
2. Three GCE A' Level passes or equivalent in relevant subject with two SSCE/GCE O'Level passes in not more than two sitting and at least a pass in Mathematics.
3. TWO NCE major passes in relevant subject with SSCE/GCE or O'level credit/TC II merit in three other subjects and at least a pass in Mathematics.
4. A pass at merit level in a relevant Diploma programme of a recognized institution of higher learning. Provided GCE O'Level requirements are met and at least a pass in O'Level Mathematics.

Admission Requirements for B.Sc (Ed) Physical and Health Education;

• Direct Entry: Two 'A' Level Passes in any of Biology, Chemistry, Physics or NCE with at least Merit in Physical and Health Education.
• Through Diploma: Five 'O' Level credit passes, including English and Biology. A U.M.E score of 180-200 and above is also required.
• Through Diploma: Five 'O' Level credit passes, including English and Biology and a Diploma in Physical and Health Education; with a merit or credit pass or distinction.
• Candidates must be physically fit and must not be disabled.
• Female students must not be pregnant at the beginning and throughout the programme.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS B.Ed (Pre-Primary/Primary Education English Language)

To qualify for admission for B.Ed ((Pre-Primary/English Language) the following Qualifications are required:

DIRECT ENTRY: National Certificate in Education (NCE) and at least four credits in GCE O/L, WASCE, Teachers Grade II Certificate, of its equivalent. In addition, the applications for four years programme must pass UME and obtain five credits at the SSCE GCE O' Level including English Language and at least a pass in Literature in English.

Candidates with Diploma in Mass Communication, Adult Education or any other relevant Diploma from a recognized institution shall be considered eligible for admission in B.Ed (Pre-Primary/English Language).

In all cases prospective candidates must have at least a pass in Mathematics and credit in English in SSCE/GCE O'Level or its equivalent.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS : B.Sc (Ed) (Pre-Primary/Primary Education Science)

Applicants for four years programme must pass UME and must obtain five credits at the SSCE/GCE O'Level. In all cases prospective candidates must have a credit in Mathematics and credit in English Language in SSCE/GCE O'Level or its equivalent.

Course Registration Rules

1. To be accepted as bonafide student eligible to attend lectures and sit for examinations. The student must dully register within the appropriate period for all the core, and where applicable, elective courses at the beginning of each semester.
2. A student who fails to duly register within the specified period will be required to pay a registration fine.
3. Any charge or alteration in the students course registration form after it has been dully endorsed by the designated authority shall not be accepted without the consent of the Head of Department. Such a change, either by way of addition or subtraction, must be effected on specially prescribed forms and within the first four weeks of the semester.
4. Any student who sits for an examination in a course for which he/she has not registered will have the result of such examination declared null and void.
5. At the commencement of departmental registration, students' advisors shall provide them with an up to date list of courses available for the semester, the department where each courses is offered and the lecturer assigned to teach each course.


UME applicants are offered the four year programme (100-400 level), the Direct Entry applicants are allowed a three years programme (200-400 level). The maximum period allowed a student to remain on a programme under the four years system is six years (i.e 150% of the normal duration of four years) and that of direct entry is also four years.

To qualify for the Award of Bachelor's Degree the candidate shall satisfy the following conditions:

1. Must have been dully matriculated into the University
2. Must have been dully admitted for the degree programme
3. Must have been paid all requisite fees and debts
4. Must have pass all required courses as prescribed for the degree programme and earned a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of a least 1:00

Although the National Universities Commission (NUC) recommends a minimum of 120 credit units to be passed by a students to earn a degree in the Faculty of Education, a minimum of 144 credit units are required for the award of the various degrees of this Department for the four years programme.

To be awarded a degree in the Faculty of Education a student must successfully complete a period of supervised teaching practice to last for at least six weeks. This course is of special significance to the students of the Department of Educational Foundations who are being trained as professional teachers. This exercise is normally scheduled to take place after the completion of 300. Students are to make arrangement to sponsor themselves for this exercise.

In order to graduate, all students are required to complete a research project on an approved topic under the supervision of staff and submit four bound copies at the stipulated time. Guidelines on project writing are provided to help students in this exercise.

Staff List

S/No. Full Name Rank Status Qualification Specialization
1 Professor Tenure    
2 Professor Tenure    
3 Professor Tenure    
4 Professor Tenure    
5 Professor Tenure    
6 Professor Tenure    
7 Professor Tenure    
10 Associate Professor Tenure    
11 Lecturer I Tenure    
12 Senior Lecturer Tenure    
13 Lecturer I Tenure    
14 Senior Lecturer Tenure    
15 Lecturer I Tenure    
16 Lecturer II Tenure    
18 Lecturer Tenure    
21 Lecturer I Contract    
22 Librarian Part-Time    
23 Senior Lecturer Part-Time    
24 Assistant Lecturer Part-Time    
25 Assistant Professor Part-Time    
26 Assistant Lecturer Part-Time    
27 Lecturer I Part-Time    
28 Lecturer I Part-Time    
29 Associate Professor Sabbatical    
30 Senior Lecturer Sabbatical    
31 Principal Mistress Tenure    
32 Senior Master II Tenure    

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